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Download Webspector
Download Webspector
Webspector 2.2 monitors for you !
Webspector is an intelligent agent that monitors your favorite Web pages and alerts you automatically when changes occur on them.

Finding information on the Internet is not an easy task without a well-defined methodology, and monitoring Web pages also requires the use of appropriate tools. How is it possible to know of new documents or detect changes in the hundreds of URLs that concern your competitors, suppliers, customers, etc.? To answer this question, Illumix Software has developed Webspector, whose mission is to monitor Web pages automatically.

Top Many monitoring options

The Webspector 2.2 Edition Entreprise installation doesn’t present any great difficulty. When you use it for the first time, a wizard helps you program your first monitoring. Note that Webspector’s philosophy is not to monitor a site in its totality, but to target the particularly interesting pages on the site. To do so, the agent has multiple monitoring features.

Firstly, after having specified a folder where documents are to be classified (ex: My competitors), you can save a set of URL addresses: you just have to fill in the "URL" and "description" fields for each one. Other fields are also available, in case there is a login and a password to access a site. The agent is able to detect invisible frames in a page, that can provoke setting errors (although in many cases it was not able to detect all the frames). The settings allow you to monitor keywords, changes in the size or any modifications at all in a page. Changes are highlighted for easy viewing. The second option is to monitor your bookmarks or favorites. But be careful, the whole bookmark is monitored, without the possibility of dividing it up. So a bookmark with thousands of links can pose some problems... The third possibility is the categories that the agent proposes by default (art, automobile, computers, ...) where you can find sites selected by the editor and ready to be monitored.

Monitoring can be scheduled at regular intervals thanks to the programmer. At the end of its tour, the agent creates a report - that can be automatically sent by e-mail – that details which pages have changed and any 404 Errors. All you have to do is click on the document title to view the changes that have taken place.

Top ...for optimum surveillance

Webspector is a more flexible alternative to on-line monitoring agents. You have complete control over its settings, monitoring cycles and the confidentiality of the information collected.

  Download Webspector
Download Webspector

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