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Download WebSite Watcher
Download WebSite Watcher
WebSite Watcher : keep an eye on the Web
The Web is continually growing. New Web sites worth monitoring appear every day. But strangely, you still only have two eyes and one mouse to keep a watch on them all. Why don’t you ask WebSite Watcher for some help? It will be the third eye that you have always wanted ;-).

WebSite Watcher is a monitoring agent, developed by the Austrian company Aignes (from the name of its founder Martin Aignesberger). Its purpose is to monitor a list of Web addresses and alert the user when changes appear on them.

Top An eye on my browser !

After installation, WebSite Watcher can be activated immediately. The first thing to try out is the import/export feature, which lets you import the bookmark from your web browser in order to monitor your favorite sites. You can use this convenient function as often as you want, with Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera bookmarks. As well as offering complete bookmark management, WebSite Watcher is perfectly integrated to these different browsers: an icon appears at the top of each browser window making it easy to monitor the open page, save it (for your archives) or access other sites already being monitored.

Top Many features !

Once all the sites to monitor are chosen, you have to set the parameters. Here, WebSite Watcher certainly doesn’t lack any of the key features. For optimal site monitoring, WebSite Watcher lets you fine tune your monitoring in detail: users can specify whether they want to be alerted to changes in content, date or file size; and there are filters that enable you to ignore certain words, or on the contrary to be alerted only if these terms appear (using regular expressions). Updates can be checked manually or programmed with the « AutoWatch » feature : you can choose the day(s), hour and monitoring frequency. Actions can be linked to each monitoring, such as sending a report by email, automatically saving new versions, highlighting modifications, etc.

What’s more, WebSite Watcher has a search module and can archive Web pages – keeping a record of the monitored pages - which are both extremely powerful features.

Top A powerful and complete tool

As we see, WebSite Watcher has many options that make this monitoring agent one of the most powerful and complete tools in its category. It can take some time to get to know all of its possibilities, but once you master it, WebSite Watcher will rapidly become essential.

  Download WebSite Watcher
Download WebSite Watcher

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