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Download Webseeker
Webseeker : databases will have no secrets.
Webseeker is like a traditional search engine, except it gives users the double possibility of entering new sources manually and of re-filtering retrieved documents off-line.

More and more frequently - due to the exponential growth of available data on the Internet - net surfers are turning to automated search tools (intelligent agents) in order to find the information they want. To this end, Blue Squirrel proposes its Webseeker search agent, based on a keyword approach, that plays not only the role of a metasearcher, but also has a number of features that count it as a monitoring and data processing tool.

Top A difficult approach at first...

If installation doesn’t present any difficulty, using Webseeker for the first time may put a damper on new users. Nearly a dozen advertising, information and registration windows appear before you can, at last, enter your first query. The least we can say is that Webseeker’s designers haven’t developed particularly ergonomic or user-friendly software. To do even a very simple search, you must first learn the agent’s underlying philosophy. Why isn’t it possible to use more than one Boolean operator, for example? It’s obvious when you know: the first search must be as wide as possible, and then the filtering process is done off-line. Why do the information sources used differ according to the chosen Boolean operator? We could ask many questions like that. Nevertheless, they all have a logical answer once you have worked out the software’s search strategy and its advanced search options.

Top ...but some promising features !

Once the first hesitations have passed, there are some very interesting features to be discovered. Undoubtedly the main one is the possibility to add a new source (a search engine or a database) to the existing ones and to create a search theme (biotechnology, agriculture, health etc.) for it. By choosing the most appropriate sources for the query, you get less noise in the results. Another important advantage is that the agent, after it has eliminated duplicate results and dead links (Error 404), saves all the documents on your PC, so that you can refine your query off-line with a precise Boolean equation. Last but not least, a little "new" icon appears in front of each new document, letting you identify and monitor new documents found by the same query over a period of time.

Summing up, the difficult approach to this software means that it is particularly intended for advanced users. It is a pity that poor ergonomics and the difficulty in getting to grips with this agent draw attention away from its true capabilities.

  Download Webseeker
Download Webseeker

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