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Download WebMail Spy
Download WebMail Spy
WebMail Spy: the spy that watches over e-mails
You are being eaten up by curiosity… you can’t stand it any more! You would really like to know what people are saying about you on the Internet, whether it be your girl- or boyfriend, or your colleagues… Maybe it’s just a case of acute paranoia? So what, because WebMail Spy will offer you relief. It allows all the messages sent by WebMail from your computer to be recorded. At long last, you will know everything that is said!

WebMail Spy is one of those tools that, in their specialized field, are frighteningly effective. The one and only function of WebMail Spy is to record WebMails… and WebMail Spy carries out this task to perfection.

Top A specialized, effective agent

After downloading WebMail Spy, installation takes place without problem. The program asks you if you wish to include the Uninstall module, and then runs automatically. The first time it is used, WebMail Spy asks you to create a password and then offers to automatically get the latest update of its database of WebMails. Excite Mail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL WebMail, ICQMail, MSN Hotmail, Netscape (…), all the major Web-based e-mail services are included in this database, that is constantly extended and updated.

Top Advanced configuration for maximum efficiency

Once this update is completed, you can configure WebMail Spy to carry out the surveillance that best suits your needs. Among the options, you can set whether WebMail Spy should run when the computer is turned on, if it should run in hidden mode or not, and after how long a period of inactivity it should stop its surveillance. It is also possible to establish filtering rules, to exclude the surveillance of certain types of e-mail, based on the sender, receiver, or keywords contained in the subject of the message. WebMail Spy also lets you quickly identify the messages that are most likely to interest you: it’s up to you to select the keywords or phrases that you want to find, and WebMail Spy will automatically highlight with a red flag any messages containing them.

Indeed, WebMail Spy’s other strong point is its pleasant and easy-to-use interface, similar to that of an e-mail reader. All the recorded messages are listed here with the usual information: date, sender, receiver, subject etc. A double click opens the e-mail that appears in the window of your browser. Hidden away on your computer, WebMail Spy will bring you all the messages that have been exchanged on it. You’ve got some reading to look forward to!
  Download WebMail Spy
Download WebMail Spy

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