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Download WebImage miner
Download WebImage miner
WebImage miner
WebImage miner: the quest for the missing image
You need to get some images to illustrate a report, you want to find pictures of one of your favorite stars or to build a virtual photo album: WebImage miner is the agent that you need.

Top Simple and efficient searching

WebImage miner WebImage miner, developed by CZY Software, is an image search agent. It helps you to find, view and save the retrieved images.

It is easy to download and install. The interface consists of two windows, one of which indicates the image URL and file size, and a second where the image is displayed. The interface is easy to use and it doesn’t take long to master it.

The agent enables you to download images direct from a Web site or via a search engine such as Google. In the first case, it is possible to specify if images should only be retrieved from the exact URL you have given, or also from other links on the site. By default, the crawling depth is 3 levels. In the second case, the search tools on offer are Yahoo!, Google and AllTheWeb, and searching is done by keyword. You can request a minimum image file size, as well as the image format: gif, jpg.

Top An image viewer

Downloaded images can be viewed manually by clicking on each URL, or automatically by selecting the Auto-show option. This displays a slide show of all images, which go by at the speed you request. Then, you just need to sort and save the images you want on your computer, with a right-click on the URL or by selecting ‘image’ in the menu bar.

The agent is very efficient and very convivial. It is just a shame that images can not be resized. While you are given a choice between two sizes – big and small – even the ‘big’ size is not always big enough. The demonstration version, that runs for 30 days, can download a maximum of 100 images. So if you are convinced by the test, all that is left is to move up to the next size.
  Download WebImage miner
Download WebImage miner

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