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Download Virtual Woman
Download Virtual Woman
Create the Virtual Woman of your dreams
Have you always wanted to create your own dream woman? Here’s your chance, thanks to Virtual Woman from CyberPunk Software. Virtual Woman is a fun program where you construct a virtual character and then talk to her through a text interface. It’s better than a long night playing Solitaire!

Virtual Woman is a large (26 Mo) download, containing the graphic, artificial intelligence and speech elements. If you have a dial-up Internet connection, you’ll probably want to use a download manager such as GetRight to avoid any unpleasant interruptions while downloading. Once the download is finished, you discover the Virtual Woman software in two stages: build your Virtual Woman, then chat with her and hear her voice.

Top 840 000 women to choose from

Virtual Woman840 000 virtual women – that’s the number of possibilities the software gives you. You are invited to construct the woman of your dreams: options include ethnic type, hair color and personality, as well as her clothing and the setting for your encounter. You can even specify if your Virtual Woman should have tan lines underneath her clothes! You’ll need to be at your most persuasive to get her to show them to you though: in fact, depending on the configuration of your Virtual Woman, she’ll play more or less hard to get during your conversation! Perhaps you’ll be able to convince her to undress for you if you’re a real smooth talker ;-).

Top with a strong character!

Virtual Woman is still in its beta version, which nevertheless runs smoothly enough. It is intended that the final version will allow users to save their Virtual Women and trade them using specially created Digital DNA files – but we’re not at that stage just yet. Virtual Woman has nice graphics and lots of options to play around with.. Unfortunately, it is not possible to program her to say or do particular things, apart from teaching her your name and updating her knowledge of current events for the Virtual Woman site. Still, she’s a neat plaything who can hold her own in any conversation!

  Download Virtual Woman
Download Virtual Woman

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