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Download Tracks eraser pro
Download Tracks eraser pro
Tracks eraser pro
Tracks eraser pro: donít leave traces behind!
You know by now that your computer keeps a trace of all your comings and goings on the Internet. This isnít much of a problem if you are the only person to use your computer, but if other people have access, they can find out what sites you have been visiting. Every image from every site you visit is stored on your hard disk drive. In some cases, this could be rather compromising, couldnít it?

Top Test before deleting

To avoid finding yourself in this kind of embarrassing situation or simply because you donít like these attacks on your privacy, there are agents that wipe away all traces of activity on your computer. Tracks eraser pro, developed by Acesoft, is one of them. It is easy to download and use, and it also has a well-garnished help file.

After installation, a window appears listing all the files on your computer. On the right of the screen are the main options for configuring the agent. So as to be sure not to delete the wrong files by mistake, Tracks eraser lets you visualize the files first by clicking on "Test Now". Once you are sure, you can click on "Erase Now" and delete the unwanted files with no regrets.

Top Cover your trail on the Internet

Tracks eraser pro†can delete the history folders in Internet Explorer (cookies, temporary files, browsing history) as well as the list of recently consulted documents. It can delete certain cookies while keeping those that are useful for you, and can even erase the invisible index.dat file that records all your movements on the Internet.
You can program the automatic deletion of files, specifying the frequency and time of the operation (at the launch of Windows, at shut-down etc.)
Once youíve used Tracks eraser pro, your computer will never want to be without it again.
  Download Tracks eraser pro
Download Tracks eraser pro

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