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Download TimelyWeb
Download TimelyWeb
TimelyWeb: tracks changes all the time!

TimelyWeb is a very nice way to keep up-to date with any changes in your favorite web sites and FTP resources. As soon as a modification is detected, you are alerted in one of a variety of ways, and TimelyWeb highlights the changes. TimelyWeb has a host of useful features, it's easy to use, efficient and clear. A great solution for monitoring the Internet!

Top A user-friendly agent

TimelyWeb has obviously been designed with the user in mind. Its interface is simple and accessible. Adding a new page to monitor is straightforward with the 'Add URL' button. Then use the 'Properties' dialogue window to customize the way TimelyWeb treats each link. You may want to check the 'Use extended settings' box, that allows you to specify how often TimelyWeb should verify the resource, from once a minute to once a year.

So you want to see what has changed on a page? No problem! Check the 'Track Differences in Web Pages' option, and TimelyWeb will compare the modified page with the old version, and highlight the modifications for you. Use the 'Notification' tab to personalize the colors to use here. This tab also gives you the choice of how you want to be alerted to any changes, for example by an 'Alert' window opening on your screen, by e-mail or by SMS message.

The third key feature is the 'Content' Analysis'. This tab enables you to tell TimelyWeb which part of the page to survey, by specifying the beginning and end of the text fragment that you are interested in. Very handy!

Monitor all your favorite resources on the Web Top

Add to this other goodies such as automatic capture of screenshots, automatic downloading of modified pages, filters and statistics, and you have a very complete monitoring and alerting agent. The only point to remember is that when TimelyWeb has found a modification, it will not check this page again until you reset the link's status to 'Active', so that you do not risk losing track of the modification. This, and many other features, can be fine-tuned with the View -> Options menu.

As well as watching for changes in Web pages, TimelyWeb can be used as a monitoring tool to ensure that your Web resources are functioning correctly. The free version monitors up to 10 links, whereas the registered version gives you unlimited monitoring capacity. If you want to know when your favorite sites are updated, this is an agent that you should test without hesitation!

  Download TimelyWeb
Download TimelyWeb

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