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Download Teleport Pro
Download Teleport Pro
Teleport Pro : the Web eater
Teleport Pro is an intelligent web site retrieval agent that can automatically download all or part of a website.

What is the use of a web site retrieval agent? It is obviously useless to try to download the entire Internet. Then what? The essential function is to duplicate a whole site, or part of it, on your hard disk, enabling you to browse it off-line. This can be useful if you want to avoid problems of connection, proxy server, etc. while presenting your site to a customer (or if you want to work on the content of the site while you are on the train). Otherwise you can transform it into a monitoring agent that will keep you informed of the appearance of new pages, new types of particular files, or keywords. It is with this double goal in mind that Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems, Inc. (Tenmax) developed Teleport Pro.

Top Many retrieval options…

The installation of Teleport Pro is easy. When you use it for the first time, an assistant will help you program your first site retrieval. You have the choice of six download options. The first two choices enable you to download the entire site (up to a maximum of 70.000 links) with or without its tree structure.

The third option allows you to retrieve only files with a specific extension (.pdf, .doc, .gif…). The fourth lets you download all the external sites whose URL figures on the starting page (be careful with the settings, unless you want to try download all the Web!). Fifthly, you can download one or more specific files from a predefined location. The last feature is the retrieval of all the pages of a site containing the keywords of your choice. According to the options selected, the agent’s settings will slightly be different. But in general, to download an entire site, you just have to enter the URL, the description and type of download (all the files, text only, sound…) and finally the name and location of the target file on your hard drive. Once that is done, you’re off. All that is left to do is to launch the download, using the tape recorder-style buttons.

Top …in this simple and efficient software

Teleport Pro is a reference among web site retrieval agents. In particular, its multiple set-up options help avoid most of the typical problems which can be encountered (crawling depth, login, exclusion…).

  Download Teleport Pro
Download Teleport Pro

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