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Talking Stocks: stocks and shares on your desktop
For many people, the stock market is a passion but not their profession, and you don't always have the time to check the prices of your shares. This is especially important in a field where, as they say, time is money. So how about an agent that brings you all the latest stock market information on a silver plate, without interrupting your work?

Talking Stocks is an agent that seeks out share prices in real time and brings them to you, via a 3D character that moves and talks on your desktop. It will inform you every minute, or every hour, depending on the frequency that you have chosen. Stock-man is one of these 3D characters that appears on your computer, he gives you access to share price information from the American, British, Japanese, French markets etc. Talking Stocks gets its share prices from Yahoo Finance and therefore gives you permanently up-to-date information.

Top The NASDAQ in your home.

Downloading Talking Stocks is very easy, you just need to follow the instructions. The free version is operational for 14 days, the time to get an idea of the agent's potential. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. It has four major functions, of which the most important are "Broadcast" and "Options". The first one lets you get information from the required stock exchanges. The second allows you to personalize the agent as you wish: to move it around, to make it say what you want to hear, etc. The agent can alert you if the NASDAQ rises above or below a certain level, by configuring the "rules" tab. It will be happy to say "good news" to you!

Top Personalized alerts

Stock-man welcomes you by giving you the time and the latest share prices. You can program him to welcome you with a large banknote, a bright smile or by dancing. If he speaks too quickly or too slowly, you can change this to suit you better. There is also a gallery of characters that you can download, if you have the registered version. If the character annoys you, you can always shut it up and make it disappear with the "Hide" option, or to stop it from ever appearing with the "Quiet" option.

Talking Stocks is very useful and its characters are very friendly, despite their rather mechanic voices. But if they only bring you good news, those voices will seem incredibly soft and sweet!

  Download Talking Stocks
Download Talking Stocks

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