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Download Tahni
Er… What’s up Doc?
Are you fans of Tom & Jerry? Do you love Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck or go wild for Wile E. Coyote? You wouldn’t miss a repeat of a good old Tex Avery for anything in the world? Don’t move! We have found a way to nourish your taste for cartoons. Let your computer become a full-sized moving picture!

There are some days when your computer just seems kind of sad. There’s nothing interesting, it’s too slow, too everyday routine… You’ve already tried changing your wallpaper, your screensaver, but you’re out of ideas. What would you say to adding a hint of craziness? A touch of humor? Tahni, Kahli, TeeCee and Oska don’t ask for anything more. These characters, spawned by the company oska Educational Systems, are the worthy heirs of Tex Avery’s famous heroes. Jokes, laughter, impossible, zany and always funny situations are on the menu of the show that they offer you.

Top Characters will a solid personality

A short presentation of these four characters wouldn’t go amiss. Oska first, who carries the publisher’s name and was their first creation. In the form of a cute little gray koala, Oska wanders across your screen. TeeCee is also an animal, but a bit bigger, in fact it is a completely crazy blue gorilla. You can admire it swinging from vine to vine, becoming a samurai, or even sprinting across your computer screen. Kahli and Tahni also turn this computing space into a playground. They can both be humorous, but have the additional advantage of a curvaceous figure to grab your attention. The red-headed Tahni and the blonde "super-woman", Kahli, are ultra-sexy but they never forget that they are still cartoons, and know how to play on their characters. So you might see them snorkeling, dematerializing and reappearing, running, jumping, swimming…

Top that know how to use humor…

Suddenly you’re deep in the world of "Mask" or maybe "Who killed Roger Rabbit?". The animations follow closely on from each other and rely on the principles of the cartoon: holes in the floor, wacky gags… all the characters have the same humor and dynamism in common, even if Kahli and Tahni, with their red-hot bodies, seem destined for an adult public. With one or two of these characters, your computer comes to life while you work, browse, chat or play. You can download one or all of the characters, which lets you switch between them. They can all be downloaded for free but with a limited number of animations. To get the full set of your character’s poses, you will need to save and view hundreds and hundreds of animated sequences. Indispensable for giving another dimension to your favorite computer! That’s all folks! ;-)

  Download Tahni
Download Tahni

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