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Download System Cleaner
Download System Cleaner
System Cleaner
System Cleaner, the deep cleaner
Does your computer seem unusually slow? Then it could probably do with a clean-up! Because every time you browse the Internet, every time you work on your computer or install new software, traces and files of all sorts build up on your hard disk drive. System Cleaner deals with them by deleting them once and for all, for quicker operation and better confidentiality!

Top Towards a thorough clean-up…

System Cleaner Computers are great. They are practical. It’s true: you don’t get tired of what you can do with them. You browse, you install software, you open and close files… every day. But you tend to forget that these operations leave their mark on the machine. There are two major problems with this. The first is the collection of useless files that accumulate on the computer. The second, following on from the first, is the possibility that other people who have access to the computer will be able to know what you have been doing … in great detail.

System Cleaner is there to resolve these two inconveniences, in a most definitive manner. Easy to install and set up, it ensures that the computer is cleaned correctly. This agent deals with all obsolete files (temporary files, backups, logs…); duplicated files; broken shortcuts, none of which serve any purpose any longer. Temporary folders, the history (of both browsing and recently consulted documents) can also be targeted by the software for a spring clean. The actions can be configured to be repeated at regular intervals: daily, hourly, or at the exact time that you have specified. It’s a practical feature so you don’t have to think about it any more!

Top And beyond…

System Cleaner comes with other features, that are also very interesting. For example, one screen helps you to make Windows start up more quickly, by choosing only the software that you want to run when you turn your machine on. Another screen allows you to deep clean your browser’s history, including the cookies and the famous index.dat file. All traces of activity within Windows can also be removed: the search history, the document history, etc. Even the content of the buffer memory can be wiped!

System Cleaner is sufficiently cunning to remember that error is human. It has a mechanism that lets you work backwards and fully restore the system. In this way, you can recreate things just as they were before the system was cleaned, as long as you have specified that the program should create back-up files.

Overall, System Cleaner is very ease-to-use, practical and effective software that will relieve your computer of many useless files and will save you a lot of time. Download it today!

  Download System Cleaner
Download System Cleaner

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