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Download SpyCop
Download SpyCop
You are being watched without your knowledge!
Are you concerned that cunning companies and users may be using spyware to monitor your browsing habits? Or angry that your personal profile could be being sold for profit? You are not the only one.

SpyCop is software for the protection of Internauts’ private lives from "undetectable" spy programs. It detects all types of "exceptional" activity that could be the sign of a spy on your machine.
Installation of SpyCop is simple and rapid. After launching the software, you can run a complete analysis of your system to seek out any spyware. SpyCop uses an aggressive method for detecting spyware: when the ‘scan’ function is activated, every octet is studied, whether it be a .exe or a DLL file, so nothing is left to chance. An alarm bell rings with intrusive software is detected.

Top The difficulty of differentiating spyware from other software

Because spyware closely resembles any other type of program, SpyCop uses detection techniques that can take a long time. However, it means that it is very efficient, even in cases where the owner merely updates their spyware program. So if the program "Spy v1.0" is updated to "Spy v2.0", SpyCop detects the intrusion even if "Spy 2.0" is not yet referenced in its database. This feature is only available when the "SuperDetective" mode is activated.

SpyCop has an option to scan only the files that have been created or modified since the last system analysis, which makes the operation shorter. Nevertheless, if your computer is used by many people, it is not recommended to use this feature. Spyware spreads very quickly and regular use of SpyCop is advisable.

There are two versions of SpyCop, a personal version and one intended for companies. The main difference is that the Corporate version has a multi-user licence and, with the help of the technical support team, can be automatically deployed on the local network.

The evaluation version of SpyCop is limited and unfortunately isn’t able to detect all the spyware that could be found on your computer. What’s more, it is impossible to modify SpyCop’s configuration in this version.

What you do on the Internet or on your computer is your own affair, and no-one else’s. So protect yourself!
  Download SpyCop
Download SpyCop

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