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Download SpyBuddy
Download SpyBuddy
SpyBuddy, the spy at home
Do your children spend hours on the Internet, and you would like to be sure that they are not visiting inappropriate sites during this time? When you go on holiday, are you curious about who uses your computer while you are away? Your boss? Your office colleagues? Transform yourself into Sherlock Holmes by installing a companion on your machine that will tell you exactly who does what on your computer. Nothing will escape your notice!

Top An agent that thinks of everything!

SpyBuddy is a surveillance agent that is there to help you check how your computer is used. After downloading, installation is straightforward. You will need to answer two questions: do you want to install it in administrator mode or in stealth mode? And do you want to include the uninstall module? These two questions let you define the level of protection you want to give to the application: if you tick stealth mode and refuse the uninstall module, it will be impossible for other users to know that surveillance software has been installed (there are no short-cuts created, it is not visible in the start-up menu etc.) or to remove it.

Top And that monitors everything!

You need to reboot your computer after installation for the programme to become operational. Then run SpyBuddy again, to configure its settings. Firstly, an administrator password must be provided to control access, then the different options need to be configured. In a few clicks, you can set SpyBuddy to record all the activities on your computer: instant messengers, Internet browsing, the programmes used, what has been typed on the keyboard, documents printed… Everything can be recorded and archived! Configuration is very easy: a click on the tick box, and the option is activated.

After that, SpyBuddy works away quietly, faultlessly recording everything that takes place on your machine. As a faithful surveillance companion, SpyBuddy can send reports to the address that you have indicated, at the specified time. The configuration options are detailed, and nothing is left to chance: this gives you full control of the application. Particularly appreciable are the Web site filter that is incorporated in the application, the possibility to add a message warning the user that they are being monitored, and a surveillance calendar that allows you to precisely define the days and time periods to monitor. You’ve got to have it! With SpyBuddy on your computer, you are assured of having one of the most effective and easiest to set up pieces of surveillance software.

  Download SpyBuddy
Download SpyBuddy

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