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Download SpyAgent
SpyAgent: the spies are going to have to look out!
Who touched my computer? Who deleted my file?! These are the kind of things that can happen when your computer is used in your absence without your knowledge. Sometimes, the surprise can go even further than deleted or modified files. Your computer could be used for illegal activities for which you could be held responsible, or else be used to spy on you!

Spytech SpyAgent allows you to be aware of everything that happens on your computer while you’re away, in total discretion. After downloading SpyAgent, two types of installation are offered: "Tester/Administrator Mode" and "Stealth Mode". The first one is recommended for all new users. It installs all the software components including the Help files. The second mode is for people who already have some experience with SpyAgent. Stealth mode does not include Help files or place any shortcuts on your desktop – for complete discretion. You can start by familiarizing yourself with the software before re-installing it in stealth mode.

Top Spying on the spy

SpyAgent then asks you to define a password to protect access to the program’s settings. Be careful, this password is important, and you should make sure not to forget it - you will always be able to modify it later. A configuration wizard helps you define the options: recording all text that is typed, making screenshots, logging conversations, recording the history of visited Web sites, running in Stealth Mode etc. All these options can be modified afterwards in SpyAgent’s configuration panel.

Top The third eye!

When the installation and configuration are finished, you can launch SpyAgent. It has an intuitive graphic interface and is easy to use. Thanks to the different icons, selecting and configuring the numerous functions is straightforward. If you choose to launch it in Stealth Mode, there are no signs to show that SpyAgent is running. The only way to make the program appear is to use the special combination of keys that that software gives you during installation.

You can configure SpyAgent to send you detailed reports by e-mail on what has happened on your computer. It can be launched automatically at precise times. SpyAgent has many options for surveillance and recording. If ever the agent is deactivated, there is an option that means it can be relaunched without drawing the user’s attention. Surveillance is then continuous.

Finally, SpyAgent lets you totally block access to your computer for all third parties.

SpyAgent is a simple and efficient spy programme that can be used by anyone: parents, employers, schools, individuals etc. However, the trial version of SpyAgent is unfortunately limited to a 30-minute surveillance session. Your peace of mind has its limits.
  Download SpyAgent
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