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There’s a spider on my desktop!
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

Thinking about adopting a dog, a cat, a goldfish? You are still hesitating… Sure, it would liven up your home…but it’s not very original. Happily we have a much “trendier” solution for you: adopt a tarantula

Spider is a virtual creature that you can adopt and install on your computer. It has been developed by Global Beach, owner of the “Virtual Creatures” site. Spider, as you can easily guess, represents the insect in question (a tarantula to be more precise). Before downloading, you can which type you want: a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula or a Chilean Rose Tarantula.

Easy-to-install when downloaded, you don’t even need to restart your computer in order to admire your new creature. When you launch the application, the spider’s cage fills the whole computer screen. Sand, rocks, cactus (…) are part of the desert environment where it lives. The spider is waiting for you patiently: you have to face it now!

Top A very realistic creature

Spider’s development is based on its lifelike design and believable scenario. You interact with it via icons at the top and bottom of the screen (which can be hidden by clicking on the “Virtual Creatures” logo). The icons at the top tell you how hungry your spider is, when it is ready for a drink or what mood it is in. When full, these icons mean that the level is 100%, 0% means that it is empty. Your attention should be drawn when the level is between 10 and 30 %. Under 10%, the icon will flash to let you know that an immediate intervention is necessary. Even though they are virtual, these creatures have a life of their own. Just like a real one, the Tarantula needs regular care and attention, and is responsive to the way in which it is treated. It can become angry, sad, thirsty or hungry, and can even die if neglected.

To take care of your cute arachnid, you need to use the tools at the bottom of the screen. You can stroke your spider, get it to chase your mouse cursor around the screen, move it if necessary, feed it crickets from the stock, fill its tank with water, and clean its nest, etc.

Top A friend for life ?

What is most impressive are the creature’s realistic movements, and the believable game plot. But if your spider happens to die: don’t panic! You can bring it back to life online! Spider is not advised for arachnophobics, but it should find its way onto the desktop of people who want to adopt an exotic animal or those who simply want to impress their colleagues: the effect is guaranteed!


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