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Download Spector Pro
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Spector Pro: keeps an eye on your computer
Whether your computer is at your office, in your children's room or your own bedroom, there could come a day when you absolutely have to know what is being done on your PC or your Mac while you're away! The answer to your problem is here: Spector Pro.

There are differing opinions about the ethics of computer monitoring. In fact everything depends on the way in which Spector Pro is used. If it is to monitor one's employees, colleagues or friends, this could be seen as a violation of their privacy. But for some people, monitoring is very important, as long as all the necessary measures to inform the people under surveillance have been respected. All this shouldn't damage the reputation of this software, that has many entirely benevolent uses. For example, children's activity can be monitored not to limit them but to protect them! In other cases, it is possible to detect is someone is using your computer for illegal purposes, before you can be held responsible for their acts.

Top The invisible program

Spector ProSpector Pro is among the most complete monitoring software on the market. It can make screen captures, save what has been typed, record e-mails sent or received via POP3 or Webmail accounts, monitor instant messaging services and keep a list of sites visited.

In 'invisible' mode, it is almost impossible to detect the presence of Spector Pro on a computer. The 'magic combination' of keystrokes that make it visible can be changed at any time. Thus, even those who are aware of the existence of the software will not be able to make it appear by using the default access code. It should be noted that it is possible to configure Spector Pro to display a warning message to inform the user that they are under surveillance.

Given the quantity of information to be collected every day, Spector Pro reduces the disk space required to the strict minimum. Screenshots are saved in reduced-color format. These images can be viewed in a very practical auto-run module.

Top Always watching

Spector Pro has a fairly advanced alerting system. It is based on the monitoring and detection of keywords that you have specified during configuration. Spector Pro will monitor your computer and as soon as one of these keywords is typed or displayed in any application, an e-mail is sent to you. For example, if the keyword is detected in an e-mail, you will receive a copy of the message. If the word is on a Web site, you will receive the URL of the page in question. Spector Pro also makes a screenshot of the area containing the incriminated word: the final proof!

To keep only the essential, it is possible to choose which screenshots, e-mails, on-line discussions, etc, should be saved.

A word of warning, however, to users of antispyware programs. Spector Pro doesn't like this type of software. Naturally, the 'feeling' is mutual. To hide its presence, Spector Pro can in certain cases provoke execution errors in some antispyware programs.

From now on, there is always someone looking out for you!

  Download Spector Pro
Download Spector Pro

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