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Download Sinope Summarizer
Download Sinope Summarizer
Sinope Summarizer: Honey, I shrunk the Web!
Ah, the Internet... the broad expanse of articles, its never-ending press reviews. Those Web sites brimming over with links, reports, biographies! How can you ever manage to read everything in so little time? Everything looks interesting, nothing should be missed: it's out of the question to make a selection! Breathe deeply. The solution exists. Sinope Summarizer brings the Web back down to human dimensions.

The Internet is gigantic. We had been warned. But even when prepared for it, the Internet is still fantastically oversized. When you are an information addict or just a fan of a particular subject, it is very hard to satisfy yourself with one or two articles when there are dozens or even hundreds available!

Is it impossible for you to choose what to read? Well, your timetable will take care of it for you, because your day cannot be extended infinitely. Which is all rather frustrating... Happily, a little utility program can help you condense the information you are looking for, saving you the stress of reading at 100 miles an hour.

Top A little agent...

Sinope Summarizer can be downloaded and tested for free for a period of thirty days. Trial versions are currently available in three languages: English, German and Dutch (the publisher also intends to add French, Italian and Spanish). After downloading the version of your choice, installation is straightforward. Instantly, the software is integrated with Internet Explorer. When you launch your browser, it appears as an extremely discreet horizontal bar. Available on every page you visit, this bar allows you to reduce the length of the text you are reading, to the percentage that you have chosen (0% being the strict minimum, 100% the whole text).

Top for maximum efficiency!

Now you're ready to surf the highest waves on the Web. The longest articles can be reduced to their bare essentials without losing their interest. Sinope Summarizer ensures that the summary retains all its meaning and above provide the most important information, thanks to its advanced linguistic technology. Tested on news sites, Sinope Summarizer was able to distinguish the important from the superfluous very rapidly, and produce a highly-relevant summary of the text. Browsing from page to page quickly and without losing a single piece of important information, is finally possible with this very useful agent. Download it and test it straight away to make immediate time savings!

  Download Sinope Summarizer
Download Sinope Summarizer

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