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Download Screen Mate Builder
Download Screen Mate Builder
Screen Mate Builder
Screen Mate Builder: animate your desktop
A computer screen isn’t a very lively thing, which is why all sorts of screen savers are available. What would you say to creating a little character to give life to your desktop?!

Screen Mate Builder is an agent for creating animations from YDSoftware. Downloading and installation couldn’t be more straightforward, and the creation of a desktop companion is child’s play. The interface is very convivial and lets you design an animation in just four steps.

Top An animation in four steps

You begin by choosing a character or animation from the 18 .gif files on offer. The animations are cute: a rabbit, a panda, a little wandering piglet… As you open the different files, the images are unfortunately superposed one on top of another, nevertheless it is the last image selected that is kept. It is possible to use a colored background or to leave it transparent. The second option integrates the animation naturally into your desktop. Then you go on to the second step that involves choosing background music as an accompaniment, from the default choices or your own resources.

Top A fun agent

To animate your computer, your desktop companion moves around, and the third step lets you select the direction of the movements: horizontal, vertical, back and forth, earthquake (!). You can also set the speed of movement: ‘slow’ or ‘fast’. The fourth and final step is to name the file and to save it as a .exe in the default dossier, My ScreenMates. Now all that remains is to click on ‘build’ and to discover your animation.

Screen Mate Builder is a very amusing, simple-to-use agent that, why not, could be the start of your publishing career

  Download Screen Mate Builder
Download Screen Mate Builder

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