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Download RoboForge
Download RoboForge
RoboForge: it is alive…Alive!
Fed up with the world around you, are you sometimes gripped by violent impulses? Whoah, careful! AgentLand can help save you from yourself. Other people might recommend green tea to calm you, but we suggest a game that allows you to free your warrior instincts. With RoboForge, build a gladiator that will combat other robots for you in a virtual arena

Developed by Liquid Edge Games, RoboForge is far from being your average bust 'em up game. It's not about bloody battles against the enemy, here you have to use your brains too. In fact, the game is as interesting for the preparation of the battle as for the battle itself. After having downloaded (we recommend you use a download manager, since the file is about 30Mo) and installed the program, you become an “architect of gladiator robots”. On the first screen, there are many options: build a robot, take part in a contest, get the archives of past battles or set RoboForge's parameters. All the “hard work” and fun is in inventing your own robot and trying to teach it the art of combat.

Top Choose your robot model…

There are two ways to go about building a robot: either you take one that already exists and customize it, or else build one from scratch. To begin, the first option is probably easier, especially since there are many different models available and lots of ways to customize them. To choose a model, you need to think about how you want the robot to look, its weight, speed etc.: these things will really matter during a battle..

Top … and customize it from top to bottom!

Then, step by step, you have to choose the arms, head and battery for your robot: and that's just for the machine's basic outline. This is the beginning of a long process, during which you can re-model its design (by changing the color and texture of its armor, adding or removing components etc), teach it combat positions (attack, defense, withdrawal etc) by moving an arm or leg then taking a snapshot of the position. It's down to you to think of all the movements possible and to prepare them with care. After defining your robot's look, weapons and movements, all that is left is to make sure that it does the right thing at the right time. The artificial intelligence that you give your robot will let it decide for itself how to react, depending on the situation it is facing. So, when you think that your robot is the most beautiful and the most intelligent on earth, feel free to send it to fight it out in an on-line contest… Though a few local tests on your computer with some of the already programmed robots might show you that you need to work a bit more on yours first!

The world of Lego, Playmobil and Mecano seems very far away! With RoboForge, building a gladiator robot is fascinating: piece after piece, you build your own robot that you will want to make forever stronger and more intelligent! The battles between robots are often spectacular, with excellent quality 3D graphics! For the most devoted robot coaches, these contests could even become a source of money or other prizes. The result: this is a game that could have you spending hours in front of your computer screen and turn normal people into robot war junkies! You've got to have it!

  Download RoboForge
Download RoboForge

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