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PostPet :
cuddly toy attacks !

Your children have a passion for Internet? They spend their time sending emails to classmates or penpals from other parts of the world? PostPet will make these moments special.

Postpet is e-mail software developed by Sony Communication Network, perfect for your kids who enjoy sending messages to their friends. Especially since the messengers are virtual cuddly toys. They will have the choice between Momo the teddy bear, Sumiko the turtle, Furo the cat, Mippi the little rabbit. But if you feel that you are still a child at heart, it will work for you too. It should be mentioned that in the free version, valid for ten days, you donít have a large choice of pets, and can only choose from the teddy bear or the dog.

Top A pleasant way to send messages...

Once downloaded (which can be a bit long, as it weighs 6.67 MB), the software installation is easy. But like all mail software, you will need to enter some information such as your SMTP server, POP server, etc. After installation an icon representing a little house appears on the desktop (note that restarting your computer is not necessary). The interface is very pleasant, the graphics are well-done and the characters are very endearing. The software is easy to use, on the left of the screen are five icons to go directly to the inbox or the list of friends, write mail, etc. The menu bar allows you to change the homeís decoration, bring a toy to your favorite virtual cuddly creature, wash it and all sorts of other things. If two friends have Postpet, the virtual toys will play together and may even quarrel. In the best situations they can fall in love, send messages to each other and even write to your friends without you knowing Ė but they will be have to grow up a bit first.

Top ...and make little friends

PostPet will delight your kids (between 6 and 9 years old) and encourage them to write and send messages. Itís an entertaining way to communicate and make friends. But in order to be more fun, both friends must have PostPet! The features are limited but nevertheless the most important ones are present. The characters are very cute, though when Momo the teddy bear keeps pacing up and down, youíd sometimes like it to stop. Well, you can always calm it down by giving it a bath!


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