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Download PopUp Sweeper
Download PopUp Sweeper
PopUp Sweeper
PopUp Sweeper: a natural born killer
When connecting to Web sites, there are frequently advertising windows, or pop-ups, that open automatically and obstruct your browsing. Of course, to continue your visit, you just have to close them - but what about when three or four appear at the same time, or, maybe, every time you open a new page? It quickly becomes very irritating and you are soon conscious that your time is being wasted! To avoid these advertising windows, your best solution is an anti pop-up agent.

PopUp Sweeper is part of this category of agents, collectively known as ‘Pop-Up Killers’: the image is violent, but drastic times call for drastic measures! This agent quite simply blocks advertising windows before they appear, and allows you to browse without interruption.

Top An autonomous agent

PopUp SweeperPopUp Sweeper, developed by ExactCom, is easy to download and install, and requires no particular configuration. Unlike other agents of its type, it is not necessary to provide it with a list of pop-ups to detect and block.

Once the agent has been installed, it remains very discreet. Only an icon in the system tray representing a small broom betrays its presence. It acts quietly, without requiring any intervention from you. It is nevertheless possible to temporarily interrupt the filtering by clicking on the agent’s icon.

Top Simplicity personified

PopUp Sweeper’s options boil down to a few features: ‘IE toolbox’ lets you configure Internet Explorer by modifying the title or the URL of your start-up page, ‘AutoRun when OS starts’ is self-explanatory, and there is also a somewhat superfluous ‘Help’ section. The least we can say is that this agent is easy to use.

You quickly realize how much PopUp Sweeper modifies your browsing experience. As the free version is only available for 15 days, you know what is left to do – unless you are start to miss seeing pop-ups!

  Download PopUp Sweeper
Download PopUp Sweeper

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