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PopupDummy or how to avoid the popups
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

Experienced Net surfer that you are, you know what the dreaded word ‘pop-up’ means. These advertising windows that open, sometimes in multiple editions, on certain sites are a great source of irritation and annoyance. To get rid of them, call on a specialist: PopUpDummy!

Top Simplicity and efficiency

PopUpDummy Developed by Ksoft, the download and installation of PopUpDummy are disconcertingly easy. Once it is running on your desktop, it discretely keeps a look out for you. Popups are detected and deleted even before they reach your screen, and the agent notifies you of their removal by playing a sound. This sound can be changed for a .wav file from PopUpDummy’s archive or from your own resources. The other option, that can be activated or deactivated, is an icon that blinks when a popup is killed.

PopUpDummy’s interface is very user-friendly, and its options are limited to the smallest possible number. The agent offers to combat advertising banners from adware, to integrate its icon to the Internet Explorer toolbar, to block Flash animations, etc. Just tick the boxes to select these options, it couldn’t be easier. The Filter option allows users to define a keyword (such as ‘ad’) or the exact title of a popup, to be sure that it will not be able to appear. Make sure that there is no ambiguity in the keywords you use, so as not to block potentially interesting sites.

If some popups are useful and you want to be able to view them, it is just necessary to hold down the CTRL key when clicking on the link. Equally, the agent maintains a table of ‘safe sites’, to which you can add extra domain names. PopUpDummy has many qualities, and the only criticism that could be made is that it identifies any link that opens in a new window as a popup, and automatically closes it. To avoid this, click on the ‘allow manual popups’ box, after which the links you click will always be opened.

All in all, PopUpDummy is very easy to use and very effective. The free version runs for 10 days, but after discovering the joys of surfing without popups, you won’t want to go without it again.


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