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Download Picaloader
Download Picaloader
PicaLoader: images galore
The Internet is an extraordinary source not only of text documents, but also of sounds and images that it would be a shame not to fully exploit.

Top A multi-faceted agent

Picaloader, published by Vowsoft, is a totally automated image retrieval agent that can grab images from the Internet, using the URLs that you give it. At first glance, the programme can appear a little complicated, but with time you will get to know and appreciate its multiple facets. To retrieve images, you should create a new ‘task’ by clicking on Task in the menu bar. A dialogue window opens in which you name the task, and specify the URL to visit as well as the type of images to retrieve (all, .gif, .jpg, etc.)

Picaloader has many options for limiting the search to the first page of the URL, or on the contrary extending it further on the site, for filtering retrieved images by keyword, etc. Once the configuration is finished, launch the retrieval by clicking on Start in the Task menu; downloading can be paused or cancelled at any moment.

Top Practical and customizable

When the images have been downloaded, Picaloader provides two means of viewing them: detailed mode, which includes the name of each image, its size, date of creation and download and original URL; and a reduced mode that displays just the thumbnails. Images can also be viewed as a slideshow.

Picaloader is able to sort, copy, search, move or delete downloaded images. A right click lets you see the image in full screen view and to set it as wallpaper for the desktop. One of Picaloader’s options is to create your own image ‘profile’; for example, if you want to have images in JPG format with 1152*864 colors, you just need to go to ‘New Profile’ and set your criteria.

If you do not want the images to be accessible to allcomers, you can set up a password to open each new session of Picaloader. The trial version is effective for one month, but there is a strong chance that you will become a convert to the long version.

  Download Picaloader
Download Picaloader

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