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Download Perfect Keylogger
Download Perfect Keylogger
Perfect Keylogger
Perfect Keylogger – discrete surveillance guaranteed
To discretely survey what is being done on your computer while you are away, install Perfect Keylogger. This is highly effective spy software that will secretly record all the activity that takes place on your machine.

Spy software can have a variety of purposes: ensuring that unauthorized people do not access your documents while you are away, making sure that your children are not consulting inappropriate material, verifying that computers are not being used for illicit purposes, etc. There are also, of course, less avowed uses such as spying on members of your family and entourage, for reasons that are best left to the conscience of each individual.

Top Effective logging of computer activity

Perfect Keylogger In the family of spy software, Perfect Keylogger is one of the most effective performers. All the classic functions are present: the possibility to run the software in stealth mode, where it becomes totally invisible to all but the holder of the secret key combination; the ability to log all text typed on the keyboard, to keep a record of all Web pages visited, including the search terms used on search engines like Google; and finally the choice of making periodic screenshots. Surveillance can be carried out on all programs on the computer, or only on specific applications.

All these features can be quickly configured via the Options box. Once configuration is finished, the program will run automatically at each start-up of Windows. Log files of recent activity are displayed in a simple viewer, and can be saved in HTML format or sent by e-mail at regular intervals. The final touch is the possibility of installing Perfect Keylogger on a remote machine without the knowledge of its user.

Top Simple and easy to use

The interface of Perfect Keylogger is simple and clear. The logging features are fearsomely effective. However, the utility of making regular screenshots is for you to decide, especially as these files (around 150Ko each) will rapidly eat up free disk space. For information, the unregistered version shows a splash screen on start-up, which somewhat destroys the ‘invisibility’ of the program. Nevertheless, this screen is no longer displayed after registration. If you feel the need to spy on users of your computer, Perfect Keylogger is an excellent solution.

  Download Perfect Keylogger
Download Perfect Keylogger

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