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Download Novobot
Novobot: nothing but the news !
Political, financial, cultural news interests you; being well-informed is a priority, for professional or personal reasons. If this is the case, Novobot could be a great help to you.
Novobot is an information agent that helps you to keep informed about daily news in different fields. Developed by Proggle, itís easy to download and install. The first approach may appear a little difficult, but when you take the time to discover it, youíll get to know all its hidden capacities.

Top Wide range of information

To know the latest news about cancer research or get information about an important car maker, you just have to select a subject and the sources of information to use from the "Available sources" list. When you click on "open site queue" you will access all the headlines related to the chosen subject. The themes that are present in Novobot are very eclectic: technology, sport, finance, space, companies, etc. The sources of information are diverse: from BBC Online to passing through Korea Online.

The displayed results are clear, they appear as a title listing, followed by the source of the article. If you are attracted by a headline, a single click on it will take you to the article online. One practical point in Novobot is that once youíve viewed an article, the line becomes gray. So if you have to interrupt your research for some reason, you will easily be able to make the distinction between unread articles and the those you have already seen.

Top An efficient information agent

If you want to search for news on a different subject, you first need to erase the list of titles with the "clear" icon before launching the new search. Otherwise your attempts wonít be successful.

Novobot can be reduced to a news ticker where headlines scroll by. It will be very practical for information addicts who want to keep an eye on the news while working on other applications.

In sum, Novobot is a very useful agent which covers a wide variety of subjects and which can serve in a professional as well as a personal context. Once you get to grips with the agent, itís a good quality tool which will satisfy the most demanding users. What, you havenít downloaded it yet !?

  Download Novobot
Download Novobot

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