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Download Noa
Download Noa
Noa: a guardian angel on your desktop
For all those who can’t afford to hire a full-time personal assistant, we have a solution: Noa. She will be your devoted virtual assistant, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides, she doesn’t need holidays - so how come that she is always so tanned?

Noa, developed by Madoogali, uses MS Agent technology and a Microsoft speech engine. You will need Microsoft Outlook and a sound card in order to hear her voice. Because your virtual assistant can talk! She is able to read aloud your documents or e-mails, answer your calls, identify the callers and record your telephone conversations as well as indexing them in a database. Other features available include sending vocal e-mails and reading attachments through text and speech. Noa gives you the time and date, reminds you of birthdays and all sorts of things: she’s a living memo board. In fact, she can do almost everything except sing.

Top An efficient virtual assistant…

During the downloading steps, Noa will serve as your guide. Once installed, you will need to restart your computer, then the virtual assistant icon appears on your desktop. In the free version, you will need to enter some information about yourself, before meeting the beauty in person. Noa appears sitting on a chair, sunglasses on top of her head and tanned complexion. In order to get to know each other, just click on the right button of the mouse, select “my settings” and fill in the fields relative to your name, age, birthday etc. Noa offers multiple features, she helps you organize your meetings and appointments: the place and subject, the participants, their availability, etc.

Like a loyal secretary, she enables you plan your different tasks and organize a detailed schedule with what has been achieved and what remains to be done. She lets you to access your Word, Excel or Powerpoint files rapidly, that she can read aloud and spell-check.

Top …with many facets

From time to time, she tells a joke or a riddle, just to relax the atmosphere. Besides, this is a virtual assistant with character: avoid clicking on her shoulder otherwise you will get a remark such as: “what about my hand in your face?” or ”is this what they call sexual harassment?”. So watch what you say, this woman knows how to look after herself!

We appreciated Noa’s different features and options, the interface is very well-done, although for an assistant who has so many functions, she could be a bit more mobile.

  Download Noa
Download Noa

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