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Agent - News & Mail Reader: a graphic interface for Usenet
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

Agent – News & Mail Reader is a tool which enables you to browse and configure newsgroups in the Usenet universe.

Want to get some information about orchid plantations in temperate regions? To get a Japanese person’s opinion about the latest broadband mobile telephony standards? To monitor consumers’ opinions of your company’s image? Or simply to share your passions? Then newsgroups are for you. But in order to find your way among the thousands that exist, it is essential to use an appropriate tool. To meet this need, the Forté company offers its Agent - News & Mail Reader software.

Top A complete control panel

Installation of Agent - News & Mail Reader presents no great difficulties. In order to get your agent working properly, you will need to have some technical information at hand: details of the SMTP server and the News server are available in your favorite ISP’s User Manual or from your Network Administrator. This first contact with the agent can disconcert new users. The rather basic graphic interface is not very intuitive. Once you pass this step though, the agent quickly becomes operational. The left window contains a list of all the newsgroups, the right shows the messages from the selected forum and finally the content of the current message is in the bottom window. There are some interesting features: you can for example automatically follow the thread of a conversation, program the agent’s disconnection from the Internet to save money on your communications and retrieve the messages to your hard disk and read them offline.

Top Room for improvement

Although its interface is not always intuitive and could usefully be improved, Agent - News & Mail Reader is a satisfactory tool for analysing newsgroup messages.


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