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Download Newsline
Newsline: hot news!
Newsline is an agent which will keep you posted about the latest news, 24 hours a day. Published by BBC Online, it allows information addicts to be regularly informed about events all around the world.

Downloading Newsline is quick and its installation is easy. When these operations are over, a horizontal ticker a few centimeters wide appears on the screen, containing the news headlines that scroll by. A title catches your eye? One click on it opens the full article on the BBC site. As for its features, this agents sticks to the essentials. On the right of the ticker is the option icon that enables you to regulate the speed and select the subjects you are interested in. For the themes, you can choose between: international or British news, sport, finance, weather, travel etc. Here you can also change the tickerís background color (though there are only two choices: white or grey!).

Top A news wire at home

To get permanently updated information, you need to have ticked the "automatic update" box. Then you get hot news delivered straight to your computer screen, without having to lift a finger! Very practical! Infrequent Internet users with a modem connection are not advised to tick this option. For them, a manual update could be a better choice.

If the ticker is annoyingly right in the middle of your computer screen, or too high or too low, no problem: click on the BBC logo to the left of the ticker, you can place Newsline where it suits you best.

This agent is ideal for information lovers that are on the look out for the latest news. Newsline is a little bit austere in its presentation but itís a very practical agent that will satisfy the most demanding information seekers thanks to the quality of the news and articles it offers.

  Download Newsline
Download Newsline

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