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Download Net Snippets
Download Net Snippets
Information the way you want it: Net Snippets
Lots of searching and reading to do, but not much time for summarizing, annotating and archiving? That's the problem that most Internet users, not to say computer users, regularly face. It is easy to consult a document, a message or a Web site, but making notes at the same time often means juggling with cutting and pasting and an extra application: generally things are not as easy as they should be. Have you ever looked for a simple tool that could help you with note-taking?

Net-Snippets is a very effective and easy to use tool. It turns drag&drop into an interesting and worthwhile action. In fact, it lets you copy any information out of any type of document, and add your own comments, and much more besides.

Top Information caught in the trap

Net Snippets The 'snippets' are the pieces of information that you save with the Net-Snippets software. This information is often in HTML format, as it is taken from Web sites. But Net-Snippets is not limited to just Web formats, but can also be used to save and annotate other formats such as PDF, Word files with a .DOC extension, etc.

Once the software has been installed, a Net-Snippets button appears in the Internet Explorer toolbar. Click on it and the program is displayed in the left pane of your browser. Net-Snippets integrates perfectly to your Internet Explorer browser, without disturbing your normal working habits.

To add a snippet, it is just necessary to select the text and/or the images that you want to save and drag them onto Net-Snippets. It is then possible to modify the format of the text, the presentation, for example adding bold or italics, as you see fit. Add your own comments or notes, then save your work.
Saved information can be organised by theme or folder. Thus, consultation becomes a quick and easy process.

Extra information can also be added. For each Snippet, you can specify:

  • A name that describes the content of the Snippet
  • The level of importance, to increase the visibility of the information
  • The source of where the information was taken from: Web site URL, PDF document, author, date, etc.
  • Keywords to simplify retrieval with Net-Snippets' internal search engine, that indexes all saved information.
  • Other information such as your e-mail, name and company, etc. Sometimes, the information you need is not on a Web site but in an e-mail or an internal document. With Net-Snippets you can also add information from these documents to your own personal database. Once a snippet has been saved, it can always be modified at a later stage if you wish.

    Top Your personalized press review

    A very interesting feature of Net-Snippets is the bibliographical reports. These present, in the form of short files, all the additions that have been made with Net-Snippets. A sort of personal press review.
    There are two types of report. The first, “Folder Bibliography Report”, makes a summary of all the snippets added in a particular file. As for the “Master Bibliography Report”, it summarizes all the snippets added in all the files.

    Net-Snippets has its own search engine. Optimize searching by associating one or more keywords to each snippet. To make this easier and to avoid redundancy, you can create a keyword list in Net-Snippets' options. Each time you add a snippet, just select the keywords you wish to associate with this information.

    As we can see, Net-Snippets is a simple but powerful tool. It enables information to be shared with other Net-Snippets users. In this way, you can quickly build up a considerable information base. Some remarks need to be made about this software, nonetheless. It is not compatible with Netscape and snippets can only be shared with other users that have Net-Snippets. Nevertheless, this agent is a piece of software with an excellent relation between quality and price.

      Download NetSnippets
    Download NetSnippets

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