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Download NetObserve
Download NetObserve
NetObserve : the Net’s all-seeing eye
Would you like to place a distant computer terminal under surveillance? Whether for professional or personal reasons, perhaps you are looking for an effective surveillance agent that is discreet and above all gives you full control of the computer? Look no further, we have found the program that will meet your needs. NetObserve is able to monitor everything that takes place on your computer, without missing a single thing, and to react at distance if you so wish. Even better: NetObserve also lets you see what is happening in front of your computer. Incredible, isn’t it?

After downloading the software, installation only requires you to follow the clear instructions. Before it can be completed, you need to choose between "administrator" and "stealth" mode, that enables you to install the program so that it is completely invisible to users (not present in the Start Up menu, no documentation or short-cuts etc.). This is ideal for not being seen, but not very practical for learning how to use it. So first-time users are advised to select the "administrator" mode to begin with, in order to master the ins and outs of the program. It is always possible to switch into "stealth" mode later on. After installation, it is necessary to close and run the software again to make it fully operational.

Top Multiple options

When you first use the software, you are asked to specify a password to assure the application’s security, then to configure NetObserve. To do so, you just need to tick the boxes that correspond to the different (and multiple) choices available: do you want to monitor the conversations in instant messaging software? Or maybe users’ surfing habits? The programmes they use? Do you want to keep a track of all activities on this computer terminal? Should the program make screenshots regularly? Or place under surveillance what is going on in front of your webcam? In a few clicks of the mouse, by looking through the different options, you will be able to configure NetObserve very easily. You can also configure it so that it runs automatically when the computer is turned on, in stealth mode and for all users who log on to the machine. It is then impossible to escape your surveillance: nothing can get away from NetObserve’s vigilance.

Naturally, these choices are not made once and for all: it is always possible to modify and refine your parameters by using the software’s interface. The filtering option for example can be included. NetObserve lets you add a list of sites that you do not want to be displayed. All the URLs listed here are automatically blocked by NetObserve. The only problem with activating this option is that when this happens, the user will know that NetObserve is installed on the computer.

Top An eye on what is going on!

NetObserve differentiates itself from its competitors with the possibility of monitoring not only what takes place on your computer but also in front of it! This is because you can configure NetObserve to take snapshots at regular intervals of what can be seen through its WebCam. When we said that nothing escapes its gaze, we meant nothing! Another strong point is the possibility of connecting to the administration interface at distance, from any other computer. From your workplace, in real time, you can make sure that no ill-intentioned use is occurring on your computer and see, through your WebCam, that no burglar has broken into your home! You are totally in control of the way in which your computer material is used: nothing escapes your attention!

Top Instant reaction

After receiving information from NetObserve, you can react immediately if you so wish. With the administration interface at distance, you can disconnect the user, lock the system and be the only one who can unlock it, reboot or else turn off the computer! The administration interface lets you access files on your computer: very useful if you have forgotten a file, and need to access it from the other side of the world. NetObserve lets you search for files or else browse the tree view.

Given the power of these options, NetObserve has placed security barriers that reduce the risk of piracy: the administrator password can be freely changed as often as necessary, certain files and folders can be excluded from consultation at distance and IP addresses can be blacklisted, so that they are not able to connect to the administrator interface.

Top One of the most powerful programs in its category

When you take into account the extent of its features, the fine-tuning of its configuration, its flexibility and its potential for taking complete control of a distant machine, NetObserve is without a doubt one of the most effective surveillance programs on the market: effective for businesses, for families and for individuals. You’ve got to have it!
  Download NetObserve
Download NetObserve

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