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Download MP3 Dancer
Download MP3 Dancer
MP3 Dancer
MP3 Dancer: a whole band!
During the coffee break, everyone has the right to relax and have a bit of fun to calm their overworked brain cells. Do you take the time to do so? How would you feel about heading down to the discotheque right now? And watching professionals dance to your favorite music, for your pleasure only? For a temptation, a secret wish, just call the MP3 Dancers.
MP3 Dancer is an entertainment agent that displays real dancers swaying to the beat of the music. These kings and queens of rhythm set up home at the bottom of your screen. Whether you're listening to a CD, MP3 or online radio, these professionals will bring a sense of rhythm to your life.

The software comes with a "realistic" female character. The free characters that you can download later are silhouettes. To make them appear in their true colors, you will have to pay the subscription to MP3 Dancer, although there is no obligatory minimum period. For just 10 you get a whole month's access to the download center of "realistic" characters that are regularly added to the site. Create a discotheque on your computer!

Top You're in charge!

The dancers set up in front of the task bar or the open windows and transform your desktop into a dance floor. The characters are very realistic and their movements are surprisingly fluid. MP3 Dancer allows you to change the dancer's color and body transparency, etc. You can also add plugs-in to create a disco atmosphere with new lighting or clouds of blue bubbles from which the star emerges. You call the tune.

Something for everyone

There are dancers available for MP3 Dancer subscribers, specialized in different styles: tango, rock, disco, salsa, hip-hop, dance, techno, etc. Alone or as part of a duo, they never get tired. When you want to send them back to the locker, a simple click is enough and "Ciao, baby". So relax and entertain yourself with the MP3 Dancers. A treat for sore eyes.

  Download MP3 Dancer
Download MP3 Dancer

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