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Download Morpheus
Download Morpheus
Morpheus: file sharing like youíve never seen before
It searches for online music, video, images and much more. It automatically organizes your downloads and puts them in the appropriate folders. It scans thousands of computers throughout the world looking for "the" file that you need: Morpheus is a highly effective file sharing agent.

Morpheus is a file sharing agent which searches, downloads and plays the files that you need, using the thousands of computers that make up the MusicCity network. To use it, you need to register for free with the MusicCity community. Although its interface is similar to Kazaaís (they both use the FastTrack technology), Morpheus uses its own database of files, shared and enriched by the MusicCity community.

Top It searches for anything, anywhere

The "Search" tab is undoubtedly the section you will use the most. From this screen, you can do all your searching. It is possible to restrict queries to audio files, video, images, documents or software, and filter adult content with the "Search filter".

Search results are displayed in the right window. To download a file, you just need to click on it. If the file is found in many locations, we advise you to choose the one with the highest bandwidth. The number of files you can download is not limited because Morpheus organizes the downloads. To monitor the download in progress, head for the "Traffic" area. This section also lets you see which files are currently being uploaded from your computer. Morpheus automatically puts downloaded files in the folder: C:\Program Files\Morpheus\My Shared Folder (if you used the default installation). The same folder also enables you to share your files with the MusicCity community, because that is the principle on which Morpheus is based. Thatís how its content has become so rich.

Top All in one

You need Windows Media Player with Morpheus to be able to play your audio and video files. Handily, you can play files that are not completely downloaded. Obviously, in such cases you can only view the part that has been downloaded. You can interrupt and restart downloads at any time, because Morpheus can also be a download manager.

Once downloaded, files are gathered together and organized by type of file. To reach them, use the "my media" tab.

This agentís main qualities are that it is free, easy-to-use and fast. Whatís more, this version doesnít contain spyware*. What more can we ask for ?!

  Download Morpheus
Download Morpheus

* Spyware is apparently harmless software that collects information about your browsing habits without telling you. Thousands of people have this type of software without it causing any problem. Spyware is not a virus.

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