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Download Mister Pix
Download Mister Pix
Mister Pix
Mister Pix - grabs images from the Internet
Finding images on the Web has become a relatively straightforward affair, thanks to specialized image search tools like Google and All The Web. Getting the images back to your computer is still a time-consuming, tedious procedure - and that's where Mister Pix can help you out.

Top A Find and Retrieve Mission

Mister Pix Mister Pix's role is to locate images on the Internet and bring them back to your hard disk drive. There are three ways to find images with Mister Pix, for three different situations: WWW Search, that retrieves images from results from a keyword-based web search; URL Scan, that grabs images from a specific Web address, and News Scan for newsgroups. An image gallery enables easy viewing and management of all downloaded images.

The WWW Search is useful when taking a broad-based approach, for gathering a lot of images from different sources in a short space of time. It's easy: just enter your keywords and hit the 'Start' button. Images are immediately displayed as thumbnails as they are found and downloaded. Happily, it is possible to fine-tune the WWW Search parameters. You can add any search engine you want to the default list that includes AltaVista, Yahoo and (Mister Pix's publisher is German), and specify how many links Mister Pix should crawl from each initial result page. As the crawl depth is increased (to 5, for example) more images are retrieved, but their relevance gradually decreases. It is your responsibility to test different settings to find those most suitable to each type of situation.

The URL Scan enables you to quickly repatriate images from a particularly interesting site. Starting from the initial URL, it downloads all images on this specified site. This feature can be launched from the URL Scan tab, or else with a right click on any search result in the WWW Search. Once again, the depth to crawl from the initial URL can be modified and external links can be followed or ignored as you prefer.

Top Simplified information management

Not content to simple search newsgroups for images with the News Scan, Mister Pix can even post your images to your choice of newsgroups. The complement to its image-retrieval capacities are useful information management features, that make it easy to visualize, rename, organize or delete downloaded images, and to run slide shows.

Mister Pix has some tools for optimizing the relevance of images that it downloads - after all, it's your bandwidth that is being used! It is possible to specify a minimum image size, to limit retrieval to certain formats (including sound and/or video files) and to exclude certain URLs from searches. Nevertheless, some experimentation and fine-tuning are required to get the best results out of Mister Pix.

Mister Pix quickly appears as a powerful tool that has a lot of potential for saving you time and effort when retrieving images from the Internet. The trial version merely whets the appetite: although it includes all the features of the full version, retrieved images are displayed in black and white! In this case, paying to register truly brings significant benefits :-)

  Download Mister Pix
Download Mister Pix

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