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Download Message Board Blaster
Download Message Board Blaster
Message Board Blaster
Message Board Blaster: the search for new visitors
On-line advertising. Here’s a delicate subject, in an area that constantly develops new and more expensive ways attracting new customers and visitors. The science of on-line marketing concerns every type of site: whether merchant or personal, all Web sites need visitors. Some decide to use mass e-mailing campaigns - that can be considered as spam - others pay a large price tag. But some just use the Message Board Blaster software.

Global spending on advertising on the Internet in 2001 was 10.963 million Euros, according to Zenith Media. For 2004, they forecast that it will rise to 14.570 million Euros. In 2001, there were 119 million home-based cyberconsumers, and they will be 317 million in 2005 (source:IDC). These statistics suggest that it is important for Web sites to have a solid advertising policy. And here is a simple tool for starting or consolidating your on-line advertising and marketing policy.

Message Board Blaster lets you send your advertising message to more that 500 specialized sites. It is possible to add an advertising banner to your message. Message Board Blaster’s interface is very simple. To begin your advertising project, you just have to enter your name and e-mail address, the subject and the message that you want to send, and hit the ‘blast it’ button. If you possess the rudiments of HTML, you will be able to personalize your message with hypertext links, bold etc. Each project can be saved - there’s no need to type in your message again. A dissemination report is displayed once the messages have been sent. Your advertisement can be sent to more than 500 sites specialized in commercial products and services. But you can, if you prefer, just send it to limited number of pre-selected sites.

Monthly updates of the database of sites are available for free. Some advertising sites require your message to be validated by their moderator before publication.

The trial version of Message Board Blaster is limited to 3 uses. Your advertisement is sent to a random selection of 10 of the 500 sites listed in the registered version. Think of the number of visitors that weekly or monthly diffusion to 500 sites could bring you!

  Download Message Board Blaster
Download Message Board Blaster

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