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MemoWeb: retrieved, relieved!
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

MemoWeb Flash has been developed by Goto Software, owner of the Web accelerator WebEarly, among other products. This agent belongs to the family of site retrieval tools. You can use it to browse Web sites off-line with no time or connexion worries.

The installation of MemoWeb is easy, as you are guided through all the different steps. When you launch it for the first time, you are invited to fill in a registration form: though the software is free, this is necessary before getting started. Then, you choose the folder where downloaded sites will be saved, as well as the browser you will use to view saved sites, as MemoWeb Flash doesn’t have its own browser. However, you can preview downloaded pages and images.

Top A site retriever ready to use

An ergonomic tool, MemoWeb’s main window is for previewing files, following jobs in progress and viewing reports, and it also has two menu bars. Launching a web site capture is straightforward. All you have to do is click on the "New" button and follow the downloading wizard’s instructions. MemoWeb also puts an icon in the "start" menu that enables you to directly download the current site.

MemoWeb Flash can download password-protected websites that you have access to, and can also capture sites from your bookmark in Internet Explorer, Netscape or just a list of HTML pages.

Top Capture what you want, when you want it

The capture parameters are very exhaustive because this agent has a large list of file types to download or filter. So you can choose the type of image (bmp, gif, jpeg, ico…), text (html, txt, eps, doc, pdf…), video (mpeg, avi, swf –for Flash animations…) or sound (wav, mp3, mid…). MemoWeb Flash can even download unknown files: so new formats, be warned!

Some limits can be defined on the maximum downloading size, number of pages or downloading time. The depth feature lets you define the crawling depth on both the original site as well as external sites. However it’s better to avoid sending MemoWeb too deep, or else it may never make it back to the Web’s surface.

At the end of the downloading session, MemoWeb Flash generates an error report listing all the URLs and page references that were not found. If you wish, the software can try to download these links again.

Besides advanced retrieval options, MemoWeb Flash makes it possible to search the captured pages. Unfortunately it doesn’t accept Boolean operators, but does allow truncation.

The free version is limited in comparison with the paid one. You can’t program downloads or capture e-mail addresses from a Web site, the automatic update is not available, only one site at a time can be retrieved and a MemoWeb icon appears at the bottom of each downloaded page. Are you ready to move up to top speed, or rather, top downloading speed?


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