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Download Marketscore
Marketscore: faster, faster!!
What could be more frustrating than the interminable wait for a Web page to load? When you feel that familiar tension setting in as a graphics-heavy site struggles painfully onto your screen, it's time to get a browsing accelerator. You need an agent like Marketscore.

Just because you have a dial-up modem doesn't mean that you have to surf the Web at snail speed! Browsing accelerators like Marketscore are an easy way to make the Web a faster, happier place to be for all modem users.

Up to 75% faster

Thanks to its patent-pending technology, Marketscore can reduce the time it takes to display Web pages by up to 75%! You don't need to download any software, only a script that automatically configures your browser to use Marketscore's servers. They contain a mega-cache of the Web's most popular URLs, images and text that are ready and waiting to be served to your computer, so your browser doesn't have to spend time looking for the page somewhere on the network. Advanced compression techniques make delivery significantly faster too. Obviously, if you already have a DSL connection, the difference will be minimal, but for 56K and 33.6K modem users, this gives Web surfing the boost it sorely needs!

A free service Top

MMarketscore is a free service. In return, you participate in a worldwide consumer study of Internet users. During the registration process, you are asked to provide various personal and demographic information, then your surfing habits are used to compile statistical knowledge about how people surf and shop on-line. So nothing new there, in the Webmarketing jungle, except that Marketscore is open and upfront about it. Naturally, there is a strict confidentiality policy that you can check on its site, and Marketscore underlines that it never passes personal information on to third parties without your consent.

So long, surfing at a snail's pace! Marketscore will make your computer seem like a pedigree racehorse, racing along at top speed! Get it today from AgentLand.

  Download Marketscore

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