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Download Maeka
Download Maeka
Maeka: the virtual warrior
A sexy and feisty character, Maeka only has one objective: to defend the world against the forces of evil that are invading it. Using her magic powers, her phenomenal force and charm, Maeka takes up the combat directly from your computer desktop. Desk life just went into another dimension!

The world is under threat. The wizard Liquidus has made a terrible discovery that allows him to enter into a partnership with the forces of Evil. Transformed into a monstrous creature, he spreads pain and misery across the planet. Fortunately, a prophecy has announced the arrival of the chosen one who will bring hope back to the earth and will be able to destroy the forces of Evil. Will Maeka be this chosen one?

Top The latest character from Oska

Maeka The "Oska Educational Systems Pty" company has already introduced us to many sexy and dynamic animated characters. Tahni and Kahli also have a strong claim to a place on our desktop, with their humorous animations that offer guaranteed escape from the computer routine. Maeka is yet another success!

Based on a fantastic world and antique prophecy, Maeka brings all her magical universe with her. You will see her training for battle, using her magic powers, fighting demonic creatures and doing ritual dances.

Top More animations in the registered version

A free download, Maeka is easy to install on your computer. It comes with 4 animations and 2 touch reaction sequences, but you can add to these by going for the registered version, that has hundreds of animations and a dozen touch reaction sequences. Let yourself slide into the world of Maeka.

  Download Maeka
Download Maeka

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