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Download Window Washer
Download Window Washer
Window Washer
Window Washer: a program is good for your computer (2/2)

How to protect yourself!

It is time to do some cleaning up. The most common solution is to manually delete the cookies and the browsing history after each session. Nevertheless, this takes up precious time. That’s why we decided to install Window Washer, to evaluate its “protection” capacities. Of course, we didn’t change our normal working habits, on or offline.

It is necessary to take some time to explore the program and find out how best to configure it. Window Washer has so many options for cleaning the cache, cookies, browsing history, etc. that even the most demanding user should be satisfied. What’s more, it is possible to specify any single folder on the computer for cleaning by Window Washer. The publisher regularly adds new plug-ins on its site to make Window Washer compatible with the latest software on the market: browser, graphics programs, instant messengers, etc. These plug-ins can be downloaded for free.

We selected the option offering automatic cleaning each time Windows shuts down. Although it was practical, this option could sometimes block the shut-down process. However, this bug does not appear to be generalized, as it could not be repeated on a different computer.

Daily use of Window Washer did not require significant computing resources, and the program remained almost invisible, apart from the start-up screen when Windows was run. No particular follow-up was necessary.

Before and after Window Washer

On a Pentium III 860 MHz with 128 Mo of deRAM, Window Washer deleted 2662 files totaling 10 Mo in 45 seconds. We noticed that this agent is much more rapid than Internet Explorer (IE) or Netscape when deleting a comparable volume of data. Not only did it delete the browsing history, like any browser does, but it also wiped everything that could leave traces behind: the list of recently consulted documents, temporary files, trash, etc. A word of warning: you should know that for reasons of efficiency, it is impossible to recover files that have been deleted.

A total of 10 Mo deleted in just one day. If we say that the daily average is 5 Mo, that means that with no clean-up, the computer would be stocking 50 Mo of ‘useless’ data after just 5 days. At least, it would be useless for us. But not necessarily for someone that wants to find out more about you. It is all the same surprising that ‘normal’ use of the computer can consume so much space on the hard disk drive.

You will no doubt be asking why you should buy Window Washer for a job that can be done manually for free. But the absence of cost is in fact only an illusion. Try deleting every day all the traces of activity that can be found on your computer and you will quickly see the time that it takes. That also supposes that you can identify all the programs that leave traces behind. Download the trial version of Window Washer for free and compare. What is the price of peace of mind?

Download Window Washer
Download Window Washer

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