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Download Window Washer
Download Window Washer
Window Washer
Window Washer: a program is good for your computer (1/2)
Privacy is a subject that is frequently in the news, particularly in relation to the development of the Internet. Online purchases, reservations, personalized information retrieval, requests for information and network games are all occasions where you may have to provide personal information such as your name, address, centers of interest, etc. They are also occasions where this information could end up being spread around the network, or even being sold to third-parties. However, with a little vigilance and by taking care not to stock certain data on your computer, it is possible to protect yourself. To help you in this task, the company Webroot has developed its Window Washer software.

Window Washer is an intelligent agent specialized in protecting privacy. It deletes the cookies from your machine, and also deals with all the sources that could give out information about you and your activities. So we decided to test it in detail in order to evaluate its true capacities for cleaning up the tracks that we leave behind.

What is a cookie? A history

It is not a chocolate-studded biscuit that we are talking about. An Internet cookie is a small file saved on your computer that contains information about your browsing patterns. The main goal of a cookie is to identify the user so as to offer him or her personalized information or page layout. Unfortunately certain cookies go beyond this practical usage and allow ill-intentioned people to infringe the Internet userís privacy.

Meanwhile, the browsing history is the list of all the Web sites that you have visited. This can be very useful when you donít remember the address of an interesting site. But sometimes, it would be preferable to keep quiet about the sites youíve been visitingÖ - such as the product page for a present you were thinking of giving, or the price of a weekend in Venice, etc. Why, what were you thinking of? ;-)

Download Window Washer
Download Window Washer

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