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Download WebSite Watcher
Download WebSite Watcher
WebSite Watcher: the choice between power and simplicity (3/4)

The two faces of Website Watcher

As we said, sites to be monitored can be added in different ways: either by importation, or by adding new addresses one by one. Each address or bookmark (to use Website Watcher’s terminology) has its own properties so you can configure the monitoring criteria in detail.

It is from this point on that Website Watcher starts to show its two faces. In the same way as you are asked ‘Do you want to use Beginner Mode or Expert Mode’ when Website Watcher is run for the first time, you will now need to choose between simplicity and complexity. Of course, Website Watcher can be used in a very basic manner: by creating folders, adding pages, copying addresses and … validating. From a certain point of view, the default options fully meet the requirements for successfully monitoring a Web page.

But Website Watcher stands out from other monitoring tools as soon as you venture into the advanced configuration and features. A true monitoring toolkit, this program offers a multitude of tweaks, options and ways to manage specific cases that can be the cause of a wave of enthusiasm just as a movement of rejection. The difference that exists between people who like diving into the complexity of the advanced settings and those who quickly feel out of their depth will rapidly reveal itself. For the second group, the beginner mode will remove the plethoric options from their sight. For the others, who want to lever the full power of Website Watcher, the expert mode is made for them! Happily, this is a false choice, because it is possible to switch from one mode to the other, and back again, at any time.

Download WebSite Watcher
Download WebSite Watcher

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