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Download WebSite Watcher
Download WebSite Watcher
WebSite Watcher: the choice between power and simplicity (2/4)

Ergonomics conform to the Windows operating system

Going into more detail, Website Watcher is an agent that comes with features that simplify and optimise these basic tasks. The software’s graphics are directly inspired by the Windows XP interface, with colored icons in 3D. The initial screen is divided into two parts. On the right, there is a direct view of the content of the monitored sites, categorized in folders: the arborescence of the links under surveillance (known as ‘bookmarks’), and any errors that have occurred; on the left, the content of each of these folders. Once again, this mode of operation shouldn’t be problematic for anyone who is used to a Windows interface, as it is identical to the Windows Explorer.

It is your responsibility to create the folders and sub-directories, and thus structure the backbone of your monitoring unit according to your mindset. Pages for monitoring can be added to this arborescence in different ways. If you already have a categorized list of sites in your bookmark, there’s no need to start over again from scratch. Website Watcher enables you to import them, whether you use Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera or a simple text file. In ‘drag&drop’ mode, you can display the structure of your bookmark, and with a simple movement copy only the addresses that you want into Website Watcher’s arborescence. This would be ideal, except that ‘drag&drop’ only works for links, and does not allow you to place an entire folder directly into the arborescence… Shame.

Download WebSite Watcher
Download WebSite Watcher

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