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Download WebSite Watcher
Download WebSite Watcher
WebSite Watcher: the choice between power and simplicity (1/4)
Website Watcher is a program that is making a lot of noise among the community of intelligent agent enthusiasts. It seems to federate a wide range of approval and positive feedback. So we decided to put Website Watcher to the test to try and answer the question that everyone is asking at the moment: is Website Watcher the ideal monitoring tool?

For more rapid and reliable monitoring

Website Watcher is a program published by the company, which takes its name from its founder, Martin Aignesberger. Currently available as version 3.50, Website Watcher, which barely weighs more than 1 Mo (add another 390 Ko if you want to download the language pack) has only one objective, according to its publisher’s motto: to help you ‘save time, stay informed’.

The principle behind Website Watcher’s creation is the same for all monitoring agents: it is not possible for a human being to monitor hundreds of Web pages at regular intervals; a software robot does this much more rapidly and much more reliably. The software’s basic mode of operation is also common to all Web site monitoring tools. Just as you ‘manually’ monitor a Web page by comparing your memory of it with the version currently available on-line, Website Watcher compares different versions of Web pages. To cut a long story short, the program connects to the address that you have indicated, makes a copy of the page and saves it on the hard disk drive. At the interval that you have specified (that can be counted in minutes, hours or days), Website Watcher repeats the same operation: connection to the site, copy of the page, storage. The two versions of the page, the old and the new, are then superposed by the program in order to easily detect any new elements. So that is the basic principles of how it works. It may be basic, but it is highly effective.

Download WebSite Watcher
Download WebSite Watcher

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