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Download Watznew
Download Watznew
Watznew: build your personal information portal on the Internet (2/4)

Create your own information channels

The principle behind Watznew is simple: the user sets up multiple channels, each channel corresponding to one information source. The parameters of each channel are configured, including what type of information to check and retrieve, how frequently this should be done and what actions should be performed when modifications are found. Once the channel has been set up, Watznew automatically brings you any new information that is published in these sources.

Although creating templates for new channels is not straightforward at first, the user manual provides some clear examples that will help you get to grips with Watznew’s specific syntax, as well as some nice tips for building complex channels. What is interesting about Watznew is that you are able to tell the software exactly which part of the page you want to monitor, and to bring back only that information. All superfluous or irrelevant information is ignored.

There are three types of channel: HTTP, POP3 e-mail and Perl. The HTTP channel offers two major alternatives; generally speaking, it is possible to monitor more or less any HTML page that has a recognizable structure.You explain to Watznew what you want to monitor by referring to the HTML code of the page. For example, you may wish to specify that you want to collect any text contained between the <H1></H1> tags that are used to define the ‘headline’ style for a block of text.

Download Watznew
Download Watznew

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