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Download Copernic Agent
Download Copernic Agent
Copernic Agent : an information retrieval, analysis and monitoring solution (3/3)

Multi-domain searching

Copernic Agent Professionalís search categories are numerous and cover many different themes: economy, leisure, encyclopedia, law, computing etc. The user can add new search categories at will within these general themes. This versionís strong point is also the possibility to organize the search categories; by configuring the number of engines to query and the number of results to display or by creating personal categories. It is your choice to create a new category, to name it and to assign the search engines you wish from a predefined list. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add a new search engine yourself. If you notice that an essential search engine in your field is not included in the list offered by Copernic, you can send your suggestions to the publisher using the form provided.

Monitoring: Copernicís new feature

Copernic, essentially known for its search module, now also includes a monitoring module. A query or a Web page can be automatically placed under surveillance. A right click on the query name or the page name makes it possible to determine the monitoring calendar. Verification can be done many times per day, per week or per month. When configuring the program, it can be set to send monitoring reports by e-mail. Thus, you can be alerted at regular intervals to changes that have been made to monitored pages.

The information arrives by e-mail in a HTML file, and the latest changes can also be consulted directly within Copernicís interface. Monitored pages or queries are displayed on the screen, with the changes highlighted.

Copernic Agent, a complete solution for information retrieval, analysis and monitoring

In practice, Copernic Professional offers an adapted response to the issues of information retrieval, analysis and monitoring on the Web. It has numerous strong points: its coverage of domains and search tools, powerful tools for analysis and filtering, the addition of an automatic summary module and a monitoring module. With this new version of its solution, Copernic Technologies has definitively positioned itself as the leader in information management on the Internet.

Download Copernic Agent
Download Copernic Agent

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