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Download Copernic Agent
Download Copernic Agent
Copernic Agent : an information retrieval, analysis and monitoring solution (2/3)

Software for the general public

Installation of Copernic Professional is very easy. Before installation, some personal information is requested, as well as the registration key. Then you install the program with the default settings or else in a personalized installation. Copernic is automatically integrated with Internet Explorer, to which its search bar is added.

Copernic’s interface can seem complicated at first. The screen is divided into many windows and has numerous buttons that make the initial contact with the program a little difficult. After the first few minutes of apprenticeship, the program becomes more convivial and quicker to use. The left pane of Copernic can be used to launch a query in various ways. In ‘rapid’ mode, it is sufficient to select the desired search category and then validate, in order to query the corresponding search engines. In ‘advanced’ mode, it is possible to specify if the query should be made on ‘all the words’, ‘one of the words’ or the ‘exact expression’. Then follows the choice of search category, whose settings can be modified. Search engines can be added or removed from the default selection. The third step is the analysis of the results: removal of double results and broken links, extraction of key concepts from the documents and the storage of results on the hard drive. This is very useful for offline consultation, as the program can even save images.

Simplified working with the results

The list of results that correspond to the search criteria appears at the bottom of the screen. The search keywords are highlighted in the text of the results. Ranking by relevancy is the default setting, but it is possible to sort results by title, search engine, URL etc. Copernic Professional has an even more useful feature for analysis: results grouping. It enables automatic grouping of results by language, domain, checked results, etc. Grouping by domain is very handy for bringing together pages from the Simplified working with the results same server.

Copernic offers multiple possibilities for making the selection and scanning of results easier. At any moment, the user can switch from ‘detailed’ references (that display all the fields) to ‘standard’ references (title, summary, URL etc.) or ‘compact’ references (title only). A simple click marks the reference for further processing. A double click opens the document in the default browser, from the cache if the pages have been downloaded, or directly online. Copernic’s search bar in Internet Explorer comes into its own here, as it also serves as a navigation bar. The results list can be displayed in the browser’s left pane (title, URL, score etc.), and it is very easy to move from one reference to another. Moreover, for those who have little time for reading the references, Copernic Professional has an automatic summary module. With this, the user can view the document’s key concepts and a synthetic summary of its content.

Download Copernic Agent
Download Copernic Agent

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