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Download KeepUpDated
Download KeepUpDated
KeepUpDated : a personalized press agency
KeepUpDated is a push media agent that will bring you the latest information, personalized to your tastes, when you’re connected and even over your mobile phone.

Top Get information while you surf...

Why search for information when it can be brought straight to you? That’s the concept behind push media, where information is automatically "pushed" to the net surfer. This technology is used by Internet UK Services Limited’s KeepUpDated agent, which feeds users a stream of information according to topics they have pre-defined.

KeepUpDated’s installation is quick and user intervention is not required, although it is necessary to be online during this operation. When the installation routine is over, a two-part toolbar appears on the left of your browser. It is a kind of instrument panel for your "press agency". In the top part of the bar you can see your chosen themes at a glance and the number of pieces of information related to each one. In the bottom half, the news headlines from the selected category are visible. A single click on a title and your browser’s main window connects automatically to the information source. Note that there’s a very interesting feature (symbolized by a key) which lets you export your KeepUpDated parameters to another computer with the same software.

To customize the information sources, use the attached Web page which appears at the end of the installation. But if you decide to do this later, a click on the "Personalize" link in the menu bar will take you to the same page. You choose between four broad themes: careers, news, weather, entertainment and sport. Each theme corresponds to a large number of sub-categories from which you can receive information after a simple validation. There is a wide range of sub-categories so that you only receive the precise information you are looking for.

Top And also on your WAP phone

This software easily integrates into your browsing environment, helped by a very intuitive and easy set-up process. A little window alerts you automatically when new information is received, in case your browser is not open (however you must be connected to the Web). The other advantage of KeepUpDated is the possibility of receiving information on your WAP-enabled phone, even if there is no SMS feature available for the moment. Overall KeepUpDated is very interesting software, despite the fact that for cinema, TV and radio, it only uses British sources of information.

  Download KeepUpDated
Download KeepUpDated

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