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Download KaZaA
Download KaZaA
KaZaA : the Swiss Army Knife of peer-to-peer agents
Heard the latest hit on the radio? It was only a minute ago, but already it’s impossible for you to live without it? You must have it! Don’t panic…take the KaZaA route to satisfying your thirst for music and multimedia.

KaZaA is a peer-to-peer search agent. Unlike traditional search engines, where you only query one database, with KaZaA you can search thousands of inter-connected computers that have chosen to share their files.

Top Audio, video, software, documents: all in one !

After downloading and installing KaZaA, the program can be launched immediately without needing to restart your computer. In order to connect to the online community, you need to register yourself and get a password. Once done, you can freely access the network and discover the “Media Desktop” which has a nice user-friendly interface (reminiscent of Internet Explorer). The software is composed of five major sections, that you can reach via the five icons in the menu bar : “Start”, “My KaZaA” , “Theatre” , “Search” and “Traffic”.

The “Search” option immediately draws the attention, because this is where your search starts from. You can enter the keyword(s) you are looking for, and specify the type of media files (audio, video, image, software, documents) you want. As you see, KaZaA is not limited to sharing audio files : as a real digital media library, it lets you find all sorts of documents which have been shared by their owners. After choosing your media type you can do a simple query (by title or author) or an advanced one (multiple fields such as file size, language, type, category, etc.). The results are displayed in the right window with a lot of information such as the name of the artist and the title, but also some indications about the quality of the document and the expected downloading time. Very helpful !

Top Many advantages for downloading addicts

KaZaA has an integrated file player. To open a video file or listen to music from an audio file, just select it among the results list and click on ‘play’. With the “Theatre” option, you can listen music and view videos without leaving the application.

One of KaZaA’s good points, and not the least, is its downloading manager that can be qualified as ‘intelligent’. In fact, KaZaA simultaneously downloads the same file from different connected computers, instead of from just one. As a result, you save a lot of time. The “Traffic” feature lets you monitor the state of the download and measure its efficiency. All the downloaded files are automatically placed in a folder created by the agent called “My Shared folder”, that you will find in the “My KaZaA” section.

KaZaA has many advantages that will delight downloading addicts. With a growing community and highly-developed features, KaZaA is a serious player in the very competitive peer-to-peer market. So, on your marks! Get set ! Download !

  Download KaZaA
Download KaZaA

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