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InfraNet : organize your personal web
Build a little corner of the Web that perfectly matches your tastes with InfraNet. Customize groups of search engines and web sites that you use, so you always feel at home.

Top Two main features: a metamotor and “web sets”

After installation (if you don’t see InfraNet when you run it, look for an icon in the system tray), you are ready to go out and meet the Web. InfraNet’s first function is as a metamotor, which simultaneously sends your query to many different search engines. There are 630 search engines separated into dozens of focused search categories, and while you may never use many of them (Polish magazines anyone?) others are bound to correspond to your centers of interest. Their full value is realized when you personalize the selection of search engines in a category. You can add or remove any engine from the list, allowing you to develop your own personal search profiles. It is also possible to add new search engines to the list: in this case, a little technical know-how comes in handy - follow Tools > Organize Search Categories >Engines > New, and enter the URL of the engine’s search string.

InfraNet basic Boolean operators “or” (by default) and “and”, though there are occasional problems in translating queries into each engine’s specific syntax. Some URLs also need to be updated (HotBot, Dogpile…). Search results are not collected into one single page: rather, each engine’s browsable page of results is made available within InfraNet itself. Clicking on the different tabs is an efficient way to switch from one engine to another, though you still have to find the most relevant results by looking through the different pages of results manually.

Top Group your favorite sites for easy access

The second feature is the “web sets”, groups of web sites and/or pages that InfraNet automatically opens within its IE-integrated browser. This handy device can be very useful if you have favorite sites that you read regularly, as it saves you the trouble of opening one after another in different browser windows. There are a dozen pre-defined “web sets”, but once again customization is the key word here. It is relatively simple to create a new set of Web sites to be opened simultaneously by InfraNet. A particular “web set” can be selected to be opened at the agent’s launch.

Top Customize this agent

Its limited search features mean that InfraNet is not in the big league of search agents like Copernic or Bullseye. Nonetheless, by customizing it - easy once you are familiar with the tool - you can make InfraNet into a very worthwhile agent that can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.


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