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Download Imesh
Download Imesh
Imesh: a successor to Napster
Imesh is a peer-to-peer agent which allows you to share your files and get more directly from the source, from other Internet users’ computers As long as they are members of the same sharing community *.

Top A complete tool for file swapping

The Internet philosophy of "freedom and universal communication" has found a new warrior with the spread of peer-to-peer technology. Why seek for information through intermediates, when you can "help yourself" on your neighbour’s computer? Imesh, following in the footsteps of Napster, gives access not just to MP3 audio files, but also to video, images, documents as well as programs.

Imesh’s installation doesn’t present any difficulty. You just have to validate options like the creation of a new folder ("My download"), shortcuts and plug-in installations. Using the agent for the first time means four pages of registration forms: you’ll be asked, in addition to your name and e-mail, to specify the file swapping options, the type of connexion, the proxy (if you use one) and a password.

After this formality, the software offers to identify all the folders on your hard drive that you might like to share with Imesh. You just need to validate the selected folder(s), and thus the files, that you would like to open to the community. This simple operation is at the heart of the peer-to-peer system. Without mutual sharing, Imesh would have no reason to exist.

In the "Search" part, you enter keywords a search field. A pull-down menu allows you to specify the type of file extension (audio, video, etc.). After launching your query, a list of files rapidly comes up. The indications "Name", "Size", "Availability" and "Status" give you details about the files found and a double click on a file name will automatically launch the download. In the "Download" part, you can consult information about current downloads: transfer rate, progression, time remaining... When the operation is over, you can view or listen to your files via Imesh’s integrated multimedia player. A little trick: how do you retrieve video files in DivX format (the guarantee of superior video quality)? It’s easy, type "divx" in the search field and select the "video" extension ;)

Top Efficiency, simplicity, security

Imesh is truly one of Napster’s worthy successors, with a much wider range of download possibilities. User-friendly, this easy-to-use software is also safe (assuming you have an up-to-date anti-virus) because there is an option in the settings dedicated to virus protection. What’s more, the software’s efficiency can easily be adjusted in the configuration menu.

  Download Imesh
Download Imesh

* As long as they are members of the same sharing community

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